Anonymous: Has Sebs ever spoken abt his past break ups? Like why they broke up? 

No he hasn’t personally. He’s very private about his relationships and once they are over I think he just leaves it in the past instead of thinking/talking about it. He has talked about dating Leighton in 1 or 2 interviewed back in the day but he tells the interviewer he doesn’t want to get too much into it.

Leighton, I think, is the only one who has ever opened up about their break up. She mentioned how hard it was to deal with in a magazine interview 1 year later or so. All the rest of his break ups are just informed to us by tabloids but not specifically from him or that current girlfriend. 

I’m sure he has told his personal friends and family but he would never reveal that stuff to fans. Too personal probably. 

We pretty much already do know how all of them broke up though and why, thanks to “sources” who spill the beans and sell it to tabloids. 

Anonymous: You think that sebastian is a jealous bf ? Or what kind of boyfriend You think he is ? 

I don’t think Sebastian is a jealous boyfriend. He says he’s a pretty confident guy, especially when it comes to dating. I’m sure if he feels like the girl he is dating has another guy in the way he wouldn’t even bother with her for sake of the drama. I don’t think he’s really into that stuff. 

I think he’s just a good, proper gentlemen of a boyfriend when he dates you. Like I said before he comes off pretty traditional. 

From things I have learned in his past relationships he would take a walk down the park with his girlfriend at night, go out to restaurants or events/parties together, hold their hand walking down the street, open the taxi door for them, kiss them in public (he is very very VERY affectionate!), introduce them to his friends, take goofy pictures with them, and I’m sure he does much much more. These are things I just know from pictures and articles with Leighton, Dianna and JMo.

I’m sure he is the typical “introduce you to my parents” type as well as long as he feels the relationship is going smooth enough. I don’t know if he spends Holidays with them either but I’ve never heard that he has spend a holiday with the girlfriends family.

All in all, I’d say he’s an affectionate boyfriend most likely! :) 

Anonymous: Could you please link me to the two restaurants you were talking about that Sebastian always goes to. Toro and willowroad? 


Willow Road:

Anonymous: I agree with the second post u answered. Thers a lot of that missing in some guys these days. 

Their really are =/. 

Anonymous: Do you know if Sebastian Stan reads a lot or anything? I know he went to Rutgers (my alma mater!) and I got into a habit of reading a lot of literature because of my time there. So, I was just wondering if he has like a type of book or a genre that he loves, recommends, or something. 

Yes he is a huge fan of reading. I know he reads on planes when he travels and he reads on his spare time as well. He’s a huge book worm :). 

Rutgers way be the reason he reads books so much. He has never said but his interviews from way back when he first began he always mentioned reading a book. 

I’m not sure what he would recommend but the books I know he has read that he’s mentioned in interviewed are: A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller, On The Road by Karoac, and Rebels in the Backlot by Sharon Waxmen. 

He likes to read very actor-y books lol. I’m sure he reads more than just those types but so far he hasn’t mentioned them. 

Anonymous: what type of music does seb like????? 

Most recently he said he listens to:

The New Division (They are AMAZING by the way, I recommend them.)


St. Lucia

He also has said he loves 80’s music (specifically mentioning David Bowie)

Daft Punk

He’s a huge fan of movie soundtracks as well. (The Terminator one to be specific) 

He also likes Guns N’ Roses (He once said he sometimes pretends/wishes he’s in their band.) 

He is clearly not a fan of Justin Bieber lol. (X)

Anonymous: i heard Sebastian likes some restaurant called willow road? is that true? are there any other places like that hes a fan of in nyc? 

Yes that is true. I think I have actually already said that in a previous ask. His friend is a partner at that restaurant so he goes there quite a bit. Toro is another restaurant he goes to a lot (again the friend is a partner there as well) and pretty much any Starbucks in the Manhattan area he’s at. Other than that I’m not sure. You never know where you might run into him at. When he’s not out and about he’s hiding at home in his apartment where ever that is. 

Anonymous: Does Sebastian Stan actually go and do normal stuff in NYC? Like he's not one of those pretentious people who sends his assistants or whatever to fetch his food or coffee or whatevs? 

Yes he does. Lol oh no I could never see Sebastian being THAT person. He’s pretty down to Earth still. He gets his own coffee (in fact he sits in Starbucks a lot and will drink it there.) He likes to be out and about a lot. From what I have seen he goes shopping, restaurants and clubs/bars with his friends, he even had a pretty low key New Years Eve celebration at one of his designer friends house with like 5 guys there. He’s very much normal still :). He does a lot of these things independent as well. 

You’ll never see him in a bank though. 

I’m not even quite sure he has an assistant. 

Anonymous: how old are you? 

I’m 20. 

Anonymous: omg what's seb's favorite color? 

Black and red.

I feel like that’s every guys favorite color.

Anonymous: I'll miss his old smile something about seeing someone having imperfections is really cool to me it makes a person stand out to me. whether it be there style of clothing or something else. but anyways Sebs is still so handsome 

I agree with this very much!

We’ll miss you snaggle tooth… :(