Anonymous: So is he dating her? I've seen several pics and it's like they are always together. And I read a article, that back when he was doing GG they hooked up one night after being at a night club in NYC. Plus on her IG she made a reference to getting flowers.. I don't know.. That mall rats pic seems a little too cozy... 

I honestly have no idea. Sometimes it seems like they might be, sometimes it seems like they aren’t. 

Yes, I have noticed they are spending a lot of time together but again, they seem to hang out always as a pack (with a group of friends). And it’s normally always on weekends. I mean they can be hanging out on week days too but if they have nothing to do why not. She hangs out with a lot of guys. I think she is just one of those girls that enjoys hanging out with guys more than girls. She does spend time with other guys besides Sebastian based on the pictures she posts/ gets tagged in on Instagram. Have her and Seb been spotted together at Starbucks on a weekday in the middle of the day like he used to with JMo lol? 

Yeah I know what article you are talking about, I’ve actually already linked that article on my blog a while back. I don’t know how true that story is but if they had something going on back then and he was so quick to start a relationship with Dianna Agron not too long after that, I don’t think they would still be friends and hanging out so much. Maybe she is just a flirtatious girl with the people in her life. I know she is really confident so maybe that just brings out a little flirtation out of her (hence the leg over his in the photo). 

The flowers could have came from anyone. I know she LOVES flowers so I’m sure a lot of people in her life know that. Plus I noticed in her comments on that photo a guy wrote “So you got my flowers…” I don’t know who he is and if he really is the one who got her those but that’s what I thought. Or maybe even her brother gave them to her because he and her niece must have come down (she posted a photo of her at the pool the next day) and he lives in Russia so he could have gotten them for her when they came to visit? 

I mean it’s hard to say. The top half of her body language says “This is my bud” (her elbow resting on his shoulder), but the bottom half says “This is my boyfriend” (Her leg over his). It looks cozy but again, they can just be very comfortable with each other. 

I still don’t want to jump to conclusions until there is legit proof. I would just take what they are doing very lightly right now. I wouldn’t wanna torture myself over something that may not even be happening. 



so this is what i had a few anxiety attacks for yesterday and hell if it wasn’t worth it


Literally the sweetest guy ever, without a doubt. (feel free to delete this text)


If any of you were wondering, sebastian smells like magic SO PERFECT (also I’m proud to say that I felt his scruff and he is a doll in person, seriously he is so so sweet)


philly con day 3!


pretty much all i did today was get seb’s autograph again (we have an 8 hour drive and had to get on the road).

seb recognized me again, he was all “OH HI!” and it was so cute. after he signed my picture i said “so are you allowed to hug people today?” and the bitch working at his table said no, but he was like “okay, real quick”, stood up, and hugged me over the table. oh my god he’s so solid and warm and he smells like nice cologne and pure man oh my god i’m gonna die


So I asked Seb for a kiss on the cheek and the photographer said “No kissing” but then Anthony said “Maybe later” and winked at me. And that is how I died.

Anonymous: Were you joking about the striptease in The Bronze? Cause I feel like you were joking but everyone is going nuts about it... 


Indeed, t’was a joke my friend

Anonymous: Could you post this correction about that "strip tease" rumor going around? It was a joke and I think the poor OP is mildly horrified that people keep reblogging and reposting it as if it were real lol 

Can you link me to it please?


I was totally cheesing it and he went for blue steel haha #SebastianStan #PhiladelphiaComicCon #WinterSoldier #BuckyBarnes