So let me till you something. This man is literally a gift from god. He was so nice and kind and really cared about his fans. And HE’S RESTING HIS CHIN ON MY HEAD. (I’ll upload a better quality once I get the digital download)


My pictures of Sebastian Stan from Wizardworld Chicago ! :) he was he absolute sweetest 💕

so here's my seb story


It’s pretty plain I guess this was my first time meeting a celebrity and I didn’t really know what I could and couldn’t do. I didn’t ask for any special requests because I was so nervous but it was amazing nonetheless. 

I wanted to get my picture taken with him on Saturday, the first day he came in. I remember shaking a bit as the line moved. When I first saw him I don’t remember breathing that much or doing much of anything for a while I just stood there as people were called up one by one. There were some handlers yelling “NO HUGGING” but he was doing it anyway. When it was my turn he turned to me and shook my hand and said, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you!” His hand was so freaking soft. I told him my name and at first he grabbed me for a side hug but I ended up wrapping my arms around him because he smelled nice and that white shirt is like a cloud of softness. I felt his arms wrap around me and that was when the lights flashed and the next person was being ushered up. I said thank you and he said, “No, thank you!” and smiled at me again and I got my ticket and left kind of ditsy because I just hugged Sebastian freakin Stan.


The look on his face in this picture cracks me up


Seb opening a gift at Chicago Comic Con (it was a doll, idk who of but im assuming it was him)


sebastian stan, captain america panel, wizard world chicago 2014


Wizard Con was kind of awesome. Not going to lie. As my first convention, it was a bit overwhelming, but I still can’t wait to do it again! Anthony and Sebastian were awesome. I probably only said a total of ten words to both of them, but still. Sebastian, for some damn reason, liked my name. He even read it right off the sticky note which is amazing. ‘Kiersten’ has been butchered my entire life, and to have him not only get it right, but like it? It makes me dislike it slightly less strongly. I wish I could share a more awesome story than that, but really, everything was kind of a blur. My frowny faced little brother trying to rush me through it all didn’t help either. Seb seems like a fantastically nice and wonderful guy. Anthony is just amazing and so friendly and outgoing. He pulled me into a hug at the photo-op for him. It was a damn awesome hug too.

I’ll post more pictures as soon as they’re scanned and edited, as my brother does not want his face on the internet.


Sebastian Stan and I.

Autograph session where winterthirst makes a new bruh, christstan brings light into Seb’s day, winterzchild calls us dorks, and I give Sebastian cookies (which you can see better here)/ turn into an embarrassing nervous wreck.

Meanwhile, Sebastian just remains perfect.


I made Sebastian Stan this Winter Soldier Sebastian the Crab.
He made this face.
I explained that I’m Ariel and he’s Sebastian and he lol’d and said, “this is AWESOME!”
*giggles uncontrollably*


ugh my phone ran out of memory so i couldn’t get the whole thing but here’s like 5 seconds of seb’s reaction to ashlee's tattoo he's such an angel