Let’s just all pause and take note of the fact that Sebastian Stan is apparently sitting around at almost midnight, looking through his high school yearbook and taking pics of funny things to share with his fans on Instagram.

The man is goddamned adorable.

Anonymous: Do you know what's the exact color of Sebastian's eyes? I'm a little bit confused cause they look like blue but also kind of green from some aspect. Thanks! Your blog is SOOO helpful! <3 

His eyes are blue. 

Anonymous: Where are people getting these photo ops with SEBSTAN? 

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. 

Anonymous: is it just me, or it seems that he's holding a cigarette in his mouth in his last instagram pic? 

Kind of. I can’t really make it out but there is definitely something in his mouth. 

Anonymous: (sorry if you've gotten this question already) which one do you prefer- kings or political animals? 

OhmyGod I have no idea. They are both so similar yet both SO GOOD!

That’s like asking me to chose between FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother. 

Can I chose both lol? 

Anonymous: I was friends with a guy for fifteen years before we dated. Nothing weird about it, the timing was just never right. Once we were living in the same town again, and finally single at the same time, it happened (: 
Anonymous: man, I get so sad when I see people that don't like Margarita. Like I've been a fan of hers for years and she's so talented and smart and thoughtful. All of this information is out there if you want to actually know about her. If people want to like her, they will if they learn about her. Also, I don't think it's strange at all for her and seb to just now be dating. Sometimes it takes that long for both people to be in the right place for a relationship with each other. Like chandler and monica! 
Anonymous: if its not too much trouble could you please tag all the asks that has to do with margarita thanks 

I’m getting to tagging my asks as soon as possible. 

Anonymous: Small reminder to the person who said they wished he was a Disney prince: Disney owns Marvel ;) 
Anonymous: since marvel is owned by disney seb is really a disney prince. 

Good point ;).